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Thank you for visiting Naphtali Events and Party Rental. We are a company that provides everything that you will need for upcoming Event and Party Rentals In Lagos and across Nigeria. Please read our Rental Policy



Delivery of items would be carried out as agreed with client. Items would be retrieved after the event. Use of Naphtali items after date of Event would attract the same charge


Why do we have a cancellation policy? We reckon that events may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstance beyond our clients’ control. When items are reserved, it is taken out of our inventory so no one else can reserve it for those specific days. Some items are taken out for additional days to accommodate for additional preparation time. Cancellation fees help cover both incurred costs and potential loss of business because items were unavailable to rent to other Customers.


Any customer can receive a rental quote. A quote is valid for 7 days from the date of issue. A quote Does NOT hold or reserve any item or time slots. Customer must sign quote and pay associated down payment to confirm the items and create a rental agreement (Reservation) between customer and Naphtali Rentals. 

We accept a deposit of 75% of the cost of the item and the replacement cost. In return we allow you to rent item valued at more than what we charge to rent it. Having a Deposit is your incentive to take care of the item appropriately and return it when it is due back. 

Payment of a commitment fee guarantees reservation. 

  • Reservations made 30 days (1 month or more) prior to Event Date require a minimum of 25% paid in advance (except items required to be paid charged 100% at time of Reservation) 
  • Reservations made 8 to 29 days (1-4 weeks) prior to Event Date require 50% of rental fee paid in advance except items required to be paid charged 100% at time of Reservation) 
  • Reservations made less than 7 days (1 week) prior to Rental Date Out require 90% paid in advance (except items required to be paid charged 100% at time of Reservation) 
  • Full payment has to be made before delivery of items under all circumstances 

Additional Fees: The rental agreement fees charged are for “Normal Condition” setups. Additional fees may be charged if the delivery area is not easily accessible and causes additional time to complete the delivery. Charges are applied on a case by case basis. Situations that may result in additional fees include but are not limited to the required use of elevators, stairs, transport over rough terrain and/or water logged roads, where setup locations are greater than 100 feet of where the delivery vehicle can legally and safely park. Where locations payment of fee for fee for delivery. Cost to cost of rental.


Cancellation fees are charged since item(s) have been held, cleaned, and prepared for the rental order. These fees help recuperate the labour and potential loss of rentals for holding the item. * Exceptions – Management reserves the right to make exceptions or allowances to payment and cancellation policies on a case by case basis as deemed necessary. Any and all arrangements must be in writing and signed by the Director authorizing such arrangements.

  • Cancellations made 30 days (1 month or more) before the Event Date will be charged 90% of the rental fee as a Cancellation Fee: except for items that are charged 100% at the time of Reservation and are Non-Refundable
  • Cancellations made 8 to 29 days (1-4 weeks) before the Event Date will be charged 95% of the rental fee; except items that are charged 100% at the time of Reservation and are Non-Refundable
  • Cancellations made less than 7 days (1 week) before the Event Date will be charged 100% of the rental fee.
  • Special items ordered or sub-rented on the customer’s behalf will be charged 100% (cannot be cancelled)

Acceptance and payment mean acceptance of our rental policy.


Changes to Order 

  • REDUCTIONS to Reservations will incur Cancellation Fees listed above. Small (10%) reductions to quantities of items such as tables, chairs, Table Covers etc. are acceptable. 
  • ADDITIONS to Reservations can be made (depending on availability) up to time Items are loaded. Reservations being delivered are normally loaded 24 hours in advance of Event Date. If additions are made after vehicle has left the premises, an additional 1⁄2 delivery fee will be charged (additional deliveries are not guaranteed to be available). If Customer comes to get additional items – we will pick up the new items when we pick up what was previously Delivered. 

Planning ahead of events Booking your rental items long before the date of your event reduces rushed decisions and gives sufficient time for you and Naphtali Rental to work together to plan and prepare an enjoyable event. Ordering early also increases the probability that the items, delivery and pickup times you want will be available. Last minute changes may be counterproductive and may have adverse effects on an otherwise successful event. At Naphtali Events and Rentals, we make every effort to help you make the best choices for your event!


1-3 days 25% prior to the event 10% to be charged to cover administrative expenses 4-14 days prior to the event 10% to be charged to cover administrative expenses 15-28 days prior to the event 5% of the contract sum 29 days and above prior to the event will not attract any admin expenses. New date must be communicated immediately there is a postpone for client to benefit from our postponement policy


All Reservations are binding and both parties agree to honor the Rental/Reservation/Cancellation Policies as defined in this article Period of refund is within 3 days of return of items for pick up. For online orders, A caution refundable deposit would be charged on client to secure Naphtali rental items. Where no loss or damage occurs, deposits would be refunded in full. In the event that item/property were misplaced, lost, damaged, stolen, mismanaged etc client is liable to full payment of the item/property/material etc. In the event that no deposit was applied and items were either misplaced, lost, damaged, stolen, mismanaged etc client is liable to full payment of the item/property/material etc.


Please note that Tents are temporal structures designed to provide limited Protection from weather conditions, primarily sun and rain. However, in the event of situations involving strong winds, severe rainfalls, thundering, lightening etc. in which the tent/s will not provide protection and may even be damaged or blown over. Quick evacuation from tents is highly advised to avoid casualties Kindly call on our contact staff to make a compliant


For occurrences beyond the reasonable control of Naphtali Rentals, including but not limited to 

acts of God, war, including armed conflict, strikes or labour disputes at the location or on the route to location, disease that could cause restriction of movement in the area, government regulation or advisory (including restriction advisory warnings), civil disturbance at the event centre or on the route the event centre, curtailment of transportation services or facilities which would materially affect delivery of items to location, disaster, fire, flooding on the route to location, unseasonable extreme inclement weather etc. and any other cause reasonably beyond the Naphtali Rentals control (collectively referred to as “occurrences”), making the rental commercially impracticable, impracticable to perform, illegal, or impossible to fully perform under this Agreement as the Parties originally contracted. In such case Naphtali may terminate this Agreement, without liability, upon written notification. Furthermore, should one of the above events occur and client decides to continue with the rental as scheduled, or if one of the events occur within three months of the rental, Naphtali will waive any applicable penalty/cancellation fees or other damages provided for under this policy. 

Disputes Resolution: Any and all disputes of monies forfeited and/or contracts not honored with a value of N500,000:00 or more are to be referred to the Lagos State Multidoor Court house at the High Court Igbosere for resolution. For values below 500,000. Client is to send a formal letter to Naphtali detailing event and Naphtali will respond within 72 hours proposing a resolution or requiring further engagement for resolution of the issue. .

Damage Waiver An optional damage waiver is available. For 10% of the rental charges, the customer can waive the risk of accidental damage to rented items (except installed tents, see below). The Damage Waiver does not cover the cost of missing items or negligent use of the item. To make sure you receive credit for broken or damaged items (if Damage Waiver is elected) please return the broken items. For example, if a glass is broken please return the broken piece(s) for coverage. 

Excluded from this waiver is loss or damage due to theft, disappearance, and mildewed, burned or torn linen. Examples of damage covered by Damage Waiver include accidental damage such as chips, cracks, broken china or glassware; stains to linens, damage to tables or chairs. The damage waiver fee is non-refundable. 

Damage waiver is not available on installed tents and is not charged on installed tents. Damage due to weather to tents installed by Naphtali Rentals is Naphtali Rental’s risk. Damage to tents from vandalism, vehicles, lawn item, decorations, other vendors, grilling and food preparation, non-Naphtali Rental lighting, falling branches and trees not from weather, and chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides; for example, is the customer’s responsibility. 

Broken, Damaged and Missing Rental Items The customer is responsible for the items while in their possession. Be sure item is secured when not in use and protected from weather. Notify us immediately if you find something broken or missing when it is received! 

Customer Pick Up and Return Our warehouse and office Business hours are 8:00AM to 6:00PM Monday through Friday, Saturday 8:00am to 2:00pm. We are closed on Sundays and some public holidays. Customers may pick up and return orders during business hours. Items you are picking up must fit safely inside your vehicle. You are responsible for loading, unloading and securing the load in your vehicle; however, at your request, we can assist you. Naphtali Rental staff will exercise care when assisting you but cannot be responsible for damage to the vehicle or personal property that may occur during loading, unloading, or transport of items.