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5 Ways to Avoid Stress While Planning an Event

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You probably have a planner working things out for you – if you don’t, why? How? What are you waiting for? Book us now, lol. But planning an event can be more stressful than it seems, it takes a village. Even when you have a planner for your event, you find yourself sometimes thinking about the event and worrying without cause. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate some of the stress that comes with planning your event. These tips will help make your event run as smoothly as possible so you can enjoy the company of friends and family without stressing about anything else except having fun.

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  1. Explain your vision to your planner as clearly as possible

When there is no clear vision communication between planner and host, there is bound to be some sort of fracas at the event because expectations might not be met. Now, this is somewhat not the planner’s fault, you just didn’t explain your vision clearly to them. Have as many meetings as possible to sit and discuss what you want your event to look like. At Naphtali Events and Rentals, when you come to us for decor, we will create a mood board to paint what your event will look like visually. This is one way to avoid confusion and stress on the event day.


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  1. Ask lots of questions

Don’t leave anything unsaid. All the details of your event have to be discussed and understood by your planner. Every minute detail matters for a perfect event. If something in the planning process is unclear, don’t keep quiet and worry about it all by yourself. Voice out. Pick a phone and call your event planner. Or better still, visit their office. We have offices in Ikoyi, suite D86 & D87 giwa complex, kingsway road; Lekki, 34durosinmi-etti drive phase 1; and Ajah, 2 dabiri street, behind blenco supermarket, sangotedo.

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  1. Hire for reliability and trust

After many years in this industry, take it from us when we say the bulk of planning stress for hosts comes from the fear or lack of belief in the planner’s ability to deliver. We have but one cure for this fear: hire whom you trust. If it’s your first time, this is how to build trust. Check their Instagram page and watch out for completed jobs they have done. (Pictures can easily be downloaded from the web, so check stories, reels, and live for their authentic jobs). Secondly, look out for reviews by past clients, this will help you build trust and eliminate fear and stress.

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  1. Name the demon and kill it

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a step back, take a deep breath, and figure out what is causing you the most stress. There may be something that you’re not aware of that is causing you stress, or there may be that one décor item that gets you worried. Talk to your planner about it and let them focus more on that item. The fact that they have that item on their priority list will keep you calm and stress-free.


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  1. Establish a code of conduct for your guests

When you invite people to your event, you have a responsibility to make sure that they have a safe time. This includes making sure that your guests know the rules and boundaries that you expect to be followed at the event. For example, if you’re having a pool/beach party but don’t want the hazard of someone drowning for lack of swimming skills, then let all guests know that swimming isn’t allowed. Or simply have the event planner use crowd control around the pool.

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Crowd Control


When you’re planning an event, stress levels can be through the roof. From the endless list of details to keep track of, options to make, to the pressure of making sure every single guest is happy with everything. Thankfully, we have listed how to ease the stress and make your event planning a smooth experience. Happy partying. Remember, Naphtali Events and Rentals is your best choice for the perfect event! 

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